End-to-end web analytics from professionals

95% of companies do not use end to end web analytics, the remaining 5% are very happy about this. They continue to reduce their advertising and marketing costs and are moving further away from the competition.

What do these 5% companies do:

We help
Save time
Make decisions on the competent distribution of investment in advertising in real time. At the same time, significantly reducing the time for data analysis.
They receive a comprehensive analysis of all calls, bids, sales and advertising campaigns up to the keyword in a single report.
They know
They have accurate data on the number of calls for each advertising channel and their price.
Are listening
They listen to phone calls from customers who spend money on advertising to attract them.
Evaluate the quality of work of company employees and increase their effectiveness.
They know exactly how much money is lost due to poor-quality communications and poor internet.
Evaluate the performance of contractors in terms of sales, not clicks, line items, or clickthrough rates.
Increase the number of hits from the website by 30-40% using marketing tools in combination.
The advertising budget is distributed in proportion to the objective effectiveness of advertising channels and individual campaigns.
What is end to end web analytics?
The information obtained allows us to clearly assess the effectiveness of advertising costs and make timely decisions on the development and improvement of the site.
If everything is set up correctly and from the heart, then you will not be afraid of mistakes in budget allocation. Only a clear picture and understanding in which direction to send money!
End-to-end analytics allows you to build on profit, clearly controlling the effectiveness and feasibility of investing in Internet marketing.

During the purchase process, all advertising campaigns and communication channels between the audience and the brand are monitored.

Orientation of sales metrics and financial indicators, helps to determine the payback of each ad or keyword.

All business indicators in a single window

You will no longer need
  • Check statistics in Yandex.Metrica
  • Check statistics in Google Analytics
  • Download everything in MS Excel and compare all data with your CRM system and with real data
  • Require monthly reporting from us
Any time of the day
You have constant access to statistics and you can evaluate the effectiveness of advertising on all indicators in real time *

* Such an opportunity is provided only with preliminary configuration of end-to-end analytics and full integration with your CRM