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How we conduct PPC to increase your profit

We help

Connect end-to-end analytics

There is no end-to-end analytics and you do not know which ads or keywords lead to sales.
Without end-to-end analytics, you have a gap between traffic sources and real sales. You cannot determine which advertising campaigns are profitable and which only spend your advertising budget. We provide the service of introducing end-to-end analytics to all our customers. That would already be based on objective data to decide on the expansion or removal of a particular advertising channel.

We make a bunch with other advertising channels

No integration with other advertising channels.
Bundle: made a landing + launched a context for a long time does not work. Most customers are not ready to purchase a product or order a service as soon as it gets to your site. It is for this reason that we are creating bundles with other remarketing channels. We "warm up" customers and bring them to sale by broadcasting promotional offers on Facebook, Vk, In, affiliate networks KMS and YAN in Yandex and Google. This approach allows you to significantly increase the return on investment in advertising.

We are developing a strategy

You pour money into advertising, but get few orders.
This is a very common problem. And its roots lie not in advertising at all, but in the perception of the value of your product. Development of a marketing strategy successfully solves this problem. We conduct consumer research, competitive analysis and develop the most optimal way to promote a product or service, taking into account many factors, both internal and external. Examples of strategy development can be found in the case studies section.
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What do you get
4 times a month we prepare reports with analytics of the advertising campaign
Save up to 30% on your advertising budget thanks to the connected Bid Manager
Bring the conversion level to an impressive 10% when finalizing customer sites
Bring the conversion level to an impressive 10% when finalizing customer sites More details...
The cost of contextual advertising

We do not have a fixed price for advertising services. Since in most cases, we have never before known how large a project we will have to work on and how much time will be spent on it. But you can call 2 numbers earlier:

  • The minimum cost of setting up an advertising campaign is 4500 rubles.
  • The cost of an hour of work is x-00 rubles.
Who is suitable for setting up and maintaining contextual advertising?

For any company that deals with demand generated. In other words, if in search engines (Yandex, Google and others) there are targeted requests. For example, order your services or products. You can verify this, for example, using the keyword selection service:

If the generated demand is not observed, then the best option for advertising in this case may be targeted advertising on social networks.
Advantages of conducting campaigns in contextual advertising Yandex Direct and Google ads

Contextual advertising has a number of undeniable advantages over other advertising channels.

1. You collect "hot demand." Those, as soon as a person begins to actively search for something, then contextual advertising systems immediately offer him to follow your link.

2. You can start or stop the advertising campaign at any time. This is very convenient if you need to make corrections to the advertising campaign or optimize the landing page.

3. You can very flexibly adjust the price and placement of your advertisements. Choosing the necessary place in the search or the necessary advertising platforms in the networks (YAN / KMS).
What determines the number of transitions from advertising to a site and how much it costs

The number of conversions directly depends on how often your ad is displayed and how attractive it looks for a potential client. In turn, the total number of impressions depends on the number of regions in which the display is held, time of day, audience size, place of announcement on the page for issuing search results.
Yandex.Direct and Google Ads settings specifics

Setting up contextual advertising has certain complexity and has its pitfalls. Therefore, in order to fine-tune the context, we use our own checklists. They allow you to get great results and not lose money at the start of the campaign.
What works are included in the service of contextual advertising?

  • Manual selection and coordination with the customer of keywords for which contextual advertising will be shown in the future. Writing and harmonizing ad texts.
  • Development of graphic advertising creatives for impressions in YAN / KMS networks.
  • Recommendations for improving and optimizing landing pages or landing pages. In some cases, we can modify the pages of the client's site.
  • Reporting on campaign results. In the form of standard reports from Yandex Direct or Google Ads. Which include data on the number of clicks, their cost, CTR ads, number of conversions, page depth,% bounce rate, keywords and selected phrases.
  • Daily monitoring of advertising campaigns and adding minus words that can lead to inappropriate impressions and clicks.

Over the years of the work of our agency, we have accumulated several cases, including the services of contextual advertising campaigns. These are mostly complex cases, but they contain information about work on contextual advertising:

1. Dani
2. Global Pas
3. Sistema Kapital
4. Itacome
5. Limphateck
Advertising budget for contextual advertising in Yandex and Google

This is the most common question we are asked. There is no single correct answer to it. But you can give certain guidelines. The size of your advertising budget will depend on:

  1. The number of selected keywords for which the ad will go.
  2. The selected item in the search results. Those. The higher the ad, the more you will pay.
  3. For what specific words, you will be advertised. Each class word has its own auction in contextual advertising.
  4. The region in which the ad is conducted.

And a number of other parameters.

To get very approximate figures, you can use the service of forecasting the cost of the advertising budget in Yandex Direct. Using this tool, you can also see how your competitors' ads look.
Remarketing and remarketing in content networks - YAN and GDN

According to statistics, in order for the consumer to carry out the target action - he bought something, ordered, left his data, several "touches" are required. Simply put, it is necessary for him to show the advertisement several times so that he performs some action. For this, there are remarketing systems that catch up with the consumer, wherever he looks at various sites on the Internet and reminds him of your advertising proposal.
What determines a good result when conducting contextual advertising

There are many parameters on which the success of an advertising campaign depends. Conventionally, they can be divided into two parts. The first is the quality of setting up and running a contextual campaign. And the second is the actual marketing mix, which includes such parts: as a product, audience, placement of advertising, price, quality of advertising offers, process, etc. One of the advantages with our company is an integrated approach. Those. We will not only conduct your contextual advertising campaign, but also take care of the quality of landing pages, recommend the right price, set up remarketing processes, and make high-quality advertising creatives.
Sample report from the Yandex.Direct advertising account
What reporting is provided to a customer of advertising services in Yandex and Google

All our customers receive standard reporting in the form of screenshots from the Yandex Direct and Google Ads advertising dashboards. In some cases, we can meet in person to discuss advertising campaigns and promotion strategies.
The cost of setting up contextual advertising
Setting 1st Campaign
10 000
Up to 150 keys
and 150 ads
1st Campaign
2 500
one week
Yandex + Google + Fb + Vk
40 000
Creation and maintenance
within 1 month
Additional work
Hourly payment
from 5 hours
* For a typical site, 150 keywords are more than enough. Contextual advertising for thousands of keywords is usually sold to increase the cost of their work, despite the recommendations of the Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords advertising systems.