Marketing for medical clinics

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Marketing for Medical Clinics

For Clinics

Live webinars and auto-webinars

"You can't sell expensive services if you do not first sell your expertise."

The sale of expensive medical services is unique. It's main difference from others is that until the client is convinced of a doctor's expertise and effectiveness of his treatment method, they will not acquire this service. Therefore, for medical clinics, we offer a service conducting live webinars with doctors, where these professionals demonstrate the results of treatment and speak on specific medical methods, answering questions and offering free or inexpensive amenities to enhance interactions with patients. This approach is proven effective and can assist you. Learn more about our medical webinars from past cases here.

Consistent work with potential customers

"Heating up until they will be ready".
More than 95% of patients who first heard of an offer do not decide and deal immediately. They take time to think. They are looking for reviews about the clinic and the treating doctor, compared with offers from other clinics. Therefore, it is important not to leave communication with a potential client, but to constantly remind him of your service and, if possible, form positive expectations from interaction with the clinic staff. For this purpose, we offer a full range of marketing tools that effectively solve this problem. You can read more about number of works we do for
promotion of cervices for clinics here.

What results will you achieve

Approved methods help achieve excellent results

We consider the only acceptable result of our work to be getting real clients into your clinic. To do this, we conduct surveys, analyze competitors, test various channels and outlets, and more. Effective interaction with clinic staff is also very important to us, as success depends on coordinated efforts of both sides of an agreement. If entering a new market and gaining Russian customers is relevant for you, then let's get to know each other and discuss collaboration opportunities. We will answer all questions and love to learn more about you and collaboration opportunities. To get started, send in your request in the form below and we will contact you!

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