Marketing strategy

Marketing strategy will allow your company significantly reduce advertising costs and increase sales.

The essence of the strategy and its composition



Does your product meet customer needs?
What is your Unique Selling Proposition?
Is your product positioning correctly?
How to formulate marketing messages?


How intense is the competition on the market?
What are the opportunities and threats to your business?
What place does your company take?
What market share can be taken?
Approach: We made a landing and launched the context does not work anymore. To achieve long-term success now requires much more effort. Marketing strategy allows you to spend these efforts (resources) economically and achieve impressive results.
A marketing strategy consists of several blocks and answers the questions: How your product can be successful on a competitive market, who is your target audience, how to deal with competitors, where and how to advertise and what tools to use, what is the implementation plan and prospects.

The target audience:

Are all target audience segments covered?
What are the motives and doubts of consumers?
How does the consumer interact with the product?
Where to "search" for the target audience?

Promotion channels:

Which channels are most marginal for us?
What promotion tools are right for us?
How to set up a sales funnel?
How to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing?


How to track the processing of "leads"?
What kind of personnel do I need?
What does the consumer want to hear by calling me?
How to use web analytics?

Strategy development period:


Leave a request for a free face-to-face consultation with a specialist and get a free analysis of your business and an example of an e-marketing strategy.

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1-3 months depending on the type of business, the number of products and the depth of study.

Our prices:

$50 per hour. Min hours: from 80
Strategy implementation
After the implementation of the Electronic Marketing Strategy, we provide consulting services to customer specialists on issues related to the use of individual tools or advertising channels.
We believe that the one who developed the strategy should also be engaged in its implementation. But it is in an ideal world. And the harsh reality most customers have significant budget constraints. Therefore, we offer 2 options for further work.
We continue to conduct separate advertising campaigns or even the entire block of work related to the company's advertising activities.
And the first and second option of cooperation implies the conclusion of contracts for long-term service of 12 months. and more. With the provision of a specific number of hours of specialists per month.