Case Global Pas

Promotion of business seminars by Sergey Profatilov
Competitive analysis, audience parsing, contextual (GDN) and # nbsp; Targeted in # nbsp; Fb / In / Vk.

Initial treatment and task

In September 2019, business speaker Sergey Profatilov contacted the company here is his website The task was as follows: to gather an audience of persons related to the activities of recruiting and HR, launch an advertising campaign on them.

Project discussion and roadmap

In the process of communication with the client, it was decided to conduct a competitive analysis of the leading business trainers of Russia who work in a similar direction. Look at how and due to what they attract customers to their trainings, what tools they use, look at advertising creatives and determine the best advertising channels for promotion.

Competitive analysis pivot table by promotion channel

For analysis, 8 business trainers and 5 companies were selected.
A dossier was compiled for each business speaker and company, which contained data on the structure of traffic to speaker sites. Lists of landing pages that are created for specific events. The keywords and ad texts used by competitors in contextual advertising were paired. Received data on audiences on social networks and advertising creatives. Interesting insights were found that gave a deeper understanding of the techniques for running this business.

Competitor Traffic Summary

Example of creative creatives on Facebook / Instagram

An example of data received about a contextual advertising campaign in Google Ads

A general analysis of competitors gave a general understanding of what is happening in the business training market. But since none of the objects of analysis conducted seminars for HR, it was necessary to continue work and independently search for suitable audiences for customer seminars.

Work with social media audiences

Search for audiences and groups, parsing HR page IDs, obtaining identifiers for creating audiences and setting up advertising campaigns.
3 approaches were used to get target audiences related to HR.

1) Purchasing an audience
2) Parsing groups and pages in Fb / In / Vk with the subsequent receipt of e-mail and phone numbers of users and creating audiences for them on Google and Yandex, followed by setting up an advertising campaign on Yandex Direct, Google Ads, Vk, Fb / In.
3) Customization according to the parameters of advertising campaigns in networks (YAN / KMS) and FB / In / Vk

Currently, there are several "markets" where you can purchase high-quality target audience (identifiers) on the desired topic. Below is a screenshot with an example of a purchased audience of HR specialists in Russia.
The second step to get the target audience was to search and compose groups and pages on social networks, followed by obtaining identifiers from them. To do this, we used a special script that allows us not only to receive e-mail and phone numbers of users, but also to sort the results by location.

Parsing groups in Vk across Ukraine allowed us to get about 6,000 IDs of people related to the HR theme, and more than 32,000 IDs were received from Facebook / Instagram. Below is a screenshot of the list of groups on the left and a screenshot of the email database received from Facebook / Instagram on the right on the right.
Based on the received IDs, segments were created in Yandex Audiences. And also in other advertising systems: VK / FB / In / GA. In the screenshot below, the Yandex Audience interface.
Examples of advertising banners that were used for advertising on Yandex and Google networks.
There is a serious restriction on the load of third-party audiences in the Google ad network. Therefore, the Google Display Network launched a media campaign with settings according to the intentions of users, as well as their preferences.

Types of work performed for "Global Pas"

What is done
Training of company personnel on the creation and conduct of advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram.
Сontextual advertising
Creation and maintenance of display advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Ads
Competitive analysis
A competitive analysis of the largest players in the market of business education and training was conducted. A large amount of data was received, which was later used in their own advertising campaigns.
Collection of audiences and user identifiers. Setting up audiences, segments. Parsing groups of competitors.