Case study of the promotion of the company Itacom in Fb / In

Case study on promoting expensive Italian cuisines and appliances of the Itacom company on Facebook / Instagram social networks through targeted advertising to custom audiences.

Initial situation

In July 2019, after reading an article on Yandex Zen, Lyudmila Koroleva contacted the agency, who worked as the managing director at Itacom The company has long had problems with attracting new customers and sales. Despite the fact that Sochi was one of the first companies in Moscow to start delivering luxury furniture from leading Italian factories, time was lost during which competition intensified and the economic background changed.
The company has replaced several marketers, but has not achieved the desired results.
After researching the situation, it was proposed to start working with targeted advertising. Since the site was not ready for full-fledged work with the context, and the company's management already had a negative experience of "draining" the budget for Yandex Direct.
Acquaintance with the client's business, employees, and conducted advertising activities.

Creative creatives and finding the "right audience"

As creative creatives were used photos taken in the store, and then reduced to the format 1080X1080. This is a universal format for Facebook / Instagram. At the request of company management, the goal of "traffic" to the site was used. After receiving more than 1000 visits to the site and the absence of any result, this company was stopped.

Instead, management was asked to launch a campaign with a view to Lida. At the same time, we tested more than a dozen different audiences. The very first launch of new campaigns led 4 targeted leads. By the way, the initial price of Italian cuisine starts from 15 000 Euro.
As subsequent campaigns progressed, the number of leads increased. Since the audiences bringing a good number of leads were modified and improved, various locations were tested (the places of construction of new residential complexes, elite cottage villages, places of congestion of competitors' stores, etc.)
In addition to full-fledged kitchen sets, appliances and related products were also advertised.
The main advertising format was ring galleries of 4-10 images. Fb / In tapes were mainly used as placements. After receiving several dozen leads, a problem was found that was quite typical for the "Lead ads" format.
People who filled out the application could forget what they did "yesterday" or lose interest in the application. There were also Lida in which there were inactive contact details.

To improve the situation, the company's management was offered the option of launching an advertising campaign with the aim of "reporting to What'sapp. And after registering the Business account in What'sapp and linking it to the advertising account, the campaigns were launched.
As a result, the company began to receive 5 times more applications in comparison with advertising campaigns configured to receive leads and at a price about 10 times less. So if 1 Lead at the beginning of work with an advertising purpose on Lead ads cost 1-3 thousand rubles. That cost of the application with the advertising purpose "correspondence in the What's app" began from 100 rubles. And the number of applications per day reached 10-15.

Dynamic creatives

Promotional videos and animated ads.
Given that the company sells goods mainly in the luxury segment and the main number of applications comes from Instagram audiences, dynamic creatives have been developed for the company.

This type of ad usually attracts much more attention and shows the product because a regular static picture cannot do this. And as a result, it attracts more leads.
An example of a dynamic creative for the tape and story format on Instagram


Market analysis
Analysis of advertising strategies of competitors and traffic sources.
In the process of communication with the client, it became clear that using only one advertising channel for successful work is not enough. A comprehensive approach is needed. Therefore, the client was asked to use the competitive analysis service of the 10 largest players in the market of expensive Italian furniture in Moscow. Find out the traffic structure of their sites, examine their advertising offers and creatives, parse advertising campaigns in context. The data obtained were summarized in a single table for clarity. And for each company a "file" was instituted. Paired companies in contextual advertising were taken into account when collecting semantics for their own campaigns.
An example of a semantics file for advertising campaigns in context.
The structure of the new advertising campaign consisted of various groups. Shortly before the launch of contextual companies, the main site was updated, and we received a sufficient number of internal landing pages to which traffic was distributed.

In fact, the new campaign consisted of 14 ad groups united by a specific intent: sale, style of cuisine, cuisine from. array, etc.
Auto-targeting was connected, which allowed to receive targeted conversions at a very low cost - from 2 rubles per click.
Example file of a dossier on a competitor's company (site).
One of the results of the work on the Competitive Analysis was the "discovery" that the vast majority of competing companies do not sell their furniture "on the forehead", those wealthy people first select the general style of the interior, and select the details (furniture, decor, accessories, etc.) designer who communicates with representatives of stores supplying this product. The vast majority of competitors' sites contained a link to the site where designers exhibit their work (decorated interiors). They also contain special pages with the conditions of affiliate programs for designers. The information received was conveyed to the client and it was recommended to him to organize promotion in the direction of work with designers.

Types of work performed for "Itасom"

What is done
Creation and maintenance of targeted advertising campaigns on Facebook, Instagram. Development and testing of various audiences.
Development of advertising creatives
Development of dynamic creatives in various formats for placement in the tape and story.
Technical Settings
Registration and configuration of various services: Yandex Metric, Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, telephony.
Competitive analysis
Analysis of the activities of the largest competitor companies. Parsing advertising campaigns. Analysis of the traffic structure.
Collection of audiences and user identifiers. Setting up audiences, segments. Parsing groups and competitors' advertising campaigns.
Writing and adjusting texts for advertising campaigns.