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Advertising of medical services of the "Lymphatek" clinic
Creating a webinar landing page. Parsing competitors' audiences
Targeted and contextual advertising. Configure analytics.
Advice on marketing and promotion.

Advertising of medical services is always a special feature.

In November 2019, the head of the Lymphatech clinic contacted the agency. The task is to ensure the flow of applications to the clinic from patients for the treatment of diseases of the lymphatic system. The following features are characteristic for promoting the services of medical clinics: Ban on the direct promotion of services on social networks. A number of strict restrictions in contextual advertising systems. Another feature of this topic is the lack of trust on the part of potential clients and the orientation on the reviews of friends and acquaintances when choosing a clinic or doctor.

Awareness raising, demonstration of expertise

Part 1
In order to solve the aforementioned problems, the client was asked to start work not with the development of advertising campaigns for medical services, but with a free webinar, in order to familiarize potential clients with lymphedema with the methodology and approach to the treatment of the Lymphatek clinic, demonstrate expertise in this matter and show cases with the results of treatment of other patients. Moreover, the emphasis was placed not just on the services of the clinic, but on getting to know a specific specialist.

Landing screenshot
The webinar landing was compiled based on the Tilda constructor.
For the developed landing, a video appeal of the leading specialist of the clinic, doctor of sciences with more than 40 years of experience in treating diseases of the lymphatic system was specially recorded.

This video was later used in advertising creatives for promotion on social networks: facebook, Instargam, Vkontakte.
Invitation to the webinar of Nadezhda Garyaeva
The video was recorded specifically for placement on the webinar landing page.
Social Network Advertising Campaign
Advertising with an advertising purpose - getting Leads on Facebook / Instagram
One of the most important components of success in the promotion of services is the right audience. And in this case, social networks are the best channel for solving this problem.

But since Facebook and other social networks directly prohibit the advertising of medical services, on advertising banners specially created for social networks, in order to avoid blocking the advertising account, words such as treatment, illness, patients and others were not used.

Instead, neutral slogans were used: "How to improve well-being" and "Why doctors can not cope with lymphedema." Both advertising creatures passed A / B testing of the slogan and later only one of them was used.
There are a number of challenges to creating targeting audiences. In particular, Facebook does not always have specific targeting, for example, for those suffering from certain diseases.

Therefore, in this case, when selecting an audience for the webinar, an audience with parameters was used that has indirect signs of the target, for example, an audience of people using compression underwear and a number of other signs.

Several different audiences were selected and tested. Some of them were not effective, some were not very effective. But the best results were shown by a campaign set up to look a like an audience, built on the basis of identifiers obtained as a result of competitors parsing.

The Lead Ads form was used as the main advertising target. This approach allowed us to use the full power of artificial intelligence Fb. The result of this advertisement was the receipt of about 300 applications for participation in the webinar. The average price for 1 Lead was about 60 rubles.
A screenshot from the Facebook account with the results of advertising campaigns.
Parsing groups and advertising in Vk
Despite the fact that VK does not have such detailed targeting as in FB, this social. the network has a large number of thematic groups from which by parizing you can pull out the contact details of participants and target them with advertising and create an audience of similar users (Look a like) What was done. First, all groups related to lymphedema disease were collected (screenshot on the left), and then the contact details of the participants were sparsed (screenshot on the right). Which were used not only for advertising on VK but also on Facebook and. Instagram
As advertising creatives for targeted advertising on the Vkontakte network, we used a video invitation to a webinar with a link to go to the landing page.
The collected user identifiers of thematic groups and the audience of similar users (look a like) were used as an audience. Advertising goals were tested for impressions and clicks.
As a result, advertising in VK did not show the largest number of leads received, but the best value in an advertising campaign targeted to user IDs of groups. On average, the received contact cost 20 rubles. And the conversion from transitions to landing was 50%.
To collect leads from the landing, the built-in Tilda CRM was used. In addition to the invitation to the webinar, the landing page contained a Lead magnet with a presentation of the approach to the treatment of lymphedema in the clinic.
Сontextual advertising
Launch of an advertising campaign in Yandex Direct Yandex
In addition to advertising on social networks, an advertising campaign in the Yandex advertising network was set up and launched. She became an anti-leader at the cost of Lida. Unfortunately, the goals in the metric were set late, so this report does not reflect the reality of conversions. As a result, only 7 leads were obtained from this RK. And the cost of one Lida averaged about 900 rubles.
Campaign subtotals
The following can be noted as interim results:

  • Even on medical topics, you can effectively advance on social networks.
  • Contextual advertising is traditionally the most expensive source of leads.
  • Advertising becomes most effective if the audience parameters are correctly selected and the artificial intelligence capabilities of advertising systems are used.
  • It makes no sense to do direct advertising of expensive services if there is no trust in the seller.
  • In the realities of 2020, it is necessary to develop integrated sales funnels, do not stop at the first step (getting contacts).

At the end of the webinar, 5 people came on personal consultation with a doctor where they made a decision to buy course of treatment .

Currently, this project is ongoing and soon this case will be supplemented with other conversion data.

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