Dani complex promotion

Case of building a system marketing in a trading company

About company

A small company with no more than 20 employees. Located in the city of Pushkino, Moscow region. Specializes in 2 areas: Leasing of construction formwork for monolithic construction and sale of household boilers through its own online store.
Acquaintance with the client's business, employees, and conducted advertising activities.

Analysis of the current situation and competitors

Part 1
At the time of the start of the project, the company did not have a full-time marketer. One fliner was used, which somehow led contextual advertising in Yandex Direct. Traffic led to the simplest landing page with a questionnaire in which the heading was changed depending on which keyword the transition to it took place.

Landing screenshot

Work plan

Part 1
Together with the owner, it was decided to implement the electronic marketing system in a greatly reduced form. Since the budget and term of work were extremely limited.

The basis of this work was the industry standard EMS - Electronic Marketing Systems developed by Completo. This is a step-by-step work plan for setting up all aspects of marketing in a company.
Competitive analysis
(Part one)
Competitive analysis
(Part two)

In which appeals were made to competitors with a request for a service.
To communicate with the client, managers preferred to call from mobile phones, linking clients to their personal numbers and simultaneously creating their own customer base.
All this made the analysis of end-to-end analytics a completely useless event.
Attempts to correct the situation with high-quality filling of customer / transaction cards and set up work exclusively through the company's phones ran into resistance from sales managers for obvious reasons.
Promotion strategy
Based on the data obtained in the process of analyzing the company's activities, its strengths and weaknesses and capabilities (SWOT) and its competitors, together with the owner it was decided to introduce changes in the company's operations and change the company's positioning.
It was decided to provide the lowest prices in the market. The slogan appeared on the site - "If you send a competitor's estimate, we will make it even cheaper."

The work plan included a monthly analysis of competitor prices.
It was decided that the calculation of the project and the estimate will be provided to the potential client within 1 hour.

During the first call, the immediate delivery of formwork will be immediately offered. And immediately after the call, an SMS will be sent to the incoming number with the contacts of the responsible manager, price and delivery time. For customers who called from districts relatively distant from the company's warehouse in Ivanteevka and ready to order a substantial amount, managers began to offer delivery "at the cost of gasoline". This allowed us to compete with companies located in the immediate vicinity of the customer.
The actual USP, which the company began to broadcast in advertising materials and on the site, was:

Estimation and folding of formwork in 1 hour
Delivery of formwork during the day (on the day of order).

General positioning was defined as a company offering low prices in the market with excellent and fast service.

(Proximity to the consumer according to the Tracy-Wisrem concept)
It was decided to develop a new site in accordance with the approved strategy. And based on the collected information about the formed demand for the rental of formwork.
It was decided to develop an SEO channel, start promoting services on social networks, create a company blog, and start building a customer list / email for regular mailing.

Strategy implementation

Part 2
The above are examples of ads for old and new ad campaigns. Prices have been added to all products for new listings.

The data obtained in the course of the survey of customers was used in additions to announcements. Instead of abstract ones: "Favorable conditions" and "Quick order" appeared: Calculation of the project in an hour, Delivery of formwork within 1 day, Installation supervision.

Also, a mobile version for full display on mobile devices and company contact information was added to all ads.
Bid Manager and 4th Special Placement Strategy
Instead of the previously used automatic strategies, Yandex.Direct introduced an external Bid Manager. This made it possible to maintain the 4th Special Placement Strategy and quickly manage rates.

The semantic core of queries has been significantly expanded. As a result, the company began to receive Lida on a much larger number of targeted requests. and CTR rose to 20%.
Prototyping the pages of a new site
Based on the collected data, the development of prototypes of the future site was started. Figma was chosen as a tool. The pages of categories were deeply worked out. In fact, a landing was collected for each of them.

3 segments of consumers (customers) that were identified from surveys of customers and "sales" of the company: private traders, foremen and developers were displayed on the main page. For each character, their own offers have been added.

When developing prototypes, SEO analysis of competitor sites was taken into account. In other words, if most of the sites in the top 10 on the promoted pages had a semblance of a product catalog with the possibility of ordering, then it appeared with us. In addition, even before working with prototypes, an analysis of LSI requests and outgoing links from competitors' websites was carried out and, based on the data received, the prototype received the required size of text, fragments and outgoing links.
Work with texts for a new site
In the process of creating texts for future pages of the site, the following services were used:

1) Unique text analysis service
2) Text analysis service for "readability"
3) Text analysis service for LSI requests for SEO promotion

All three services significantly affect the quality of ranking of promoted pages in search engines Yandex and Google.
Advego Plagiatus
TK on LSI copywriting
Service for checking texts for cleanliness and readability "Glavred"

New website design

Since the site was needed yesterday, and the budget was extremely limited, it was decided to conduct development on the designer Tilda. Actually, the value of this site is that the structure of the sections corresponds to the actual demand in the niche. Those category pages are advancing according to the most frequent requests and the site collects traffic in natural output for a much larger number of targeted requests.

The site contains USP, and the values that were found in the process of polling customers. Which positively affects the conversion (initial applications).

As for the design, it looks modern. And the development cost was extremely low and fast due to the fact that it was possible to combine the stage of design, layout and integration with CMS as is done in the standard case.
Main page
Service Page
Product Page
Article Page

Types of work performed on the project "Dani"

What is done
Audit, creation and maintenance of contextual advertising campaigns and targeted campaigns on Facebook, Instagram. Creation and testing of various audiences.
Creative Development
Development of dynamic creatives in various formats for placement in the tape and story.
Technical Settings
Registration and configuration of various services: Yandex Metric, Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, telephony.
Competitive analysis
Analysis of the activities of the largest competitor companies. Parsing advertising campaigns. Analysis of the traffic structure.
Consumer survey and analysis
Identification of market segments of consumers. Survey and data collection to identify "Key Selection Factors."
Website development
Development of prototypes of site pages, seo optimization of texts, collection of the semantic core of queries for use in contextual advertising and structure design.
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