What do we do on the medical project

Complete list of works what we do on the medical project and how.

Offer, audience, creative ads, content ...



This is core component of the project. We cannot directly change the medical product itself, but we conduct a small study of competitors and, as a result, give recommendations on how to improve the medical product for potential clients.


This is an important part of the work. We conduct surveys of potential clients with the disease that will be discussed and find out the factors of the choice of the attending doctor and the main "pains". Subsequently, we use the information obtained to remove objections, answer questions at a webinar, as well as to create advertising creatives and texts.
Important: This project is carried out jointly with the clinic staff and the acting doctor. Therefore, in the preparation phase, timely communication on the project will be very important.
A successful webinar requires a number of activities. The result of the webinar will depend on how well they are performed and whether there will be trust on the part of potential patients to the speaking doctor.


At this stage, we are looking for affordable audiences on the Internet. We make a "portrait" of the audience. We do parsing of thematic groups on social networks and extract e-mails and phone numbers. We buy ready-made audiences, if it is possible. Collect the semantic core of requests for a specific disease for contextual advertising.

Promotion channels:

To attract potential customers, we use the following advertising channels: Contextual advertising in Yandex Direct and Google Ads, Targeted advertising in Facebook, Instagram, Vkontakte. Also on the day of the webinar and in 1 hour we send information letters and SMS messages.

Event landing:

For an invitation to an event through contextual advertising, we use a small landing page. On which we place a video invitation to the webinar, we place a program of speech, a photo and a credential specialist. We also place a registration form. For advertising campaigns on social networks, we usually use the leads ads form.

Organization of the event
and subsequent works:

For the event, we use the Zoom platform or similar. After the event, we send the recording to all registered participants and after the appropriate design of the video, we post it on YouTube. And then within 2-3 days we launch advertising campaigns on social networks and YouTube in order to gain a large number of views and thus promote the video to the recommended section in YouTube. Further, in agreement with the client, over the next 3 months we send out useful materials to everyone who has not become a client, leading them to the transaction.

Duration of the project

1-2 months depending on the type of sickness and the number of works.

Our prices:

Pricing stars from $5000 for labor. Cost of payment to advertisment channels is not included.
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