Promotion of services provided by clinic of aesthetic medicine in UAE

Case showing the build-up of system marketing and analytics of advertising campaigns.

About the Clinic

The small medical clinic with number of staff members not more than 20 persons. It is located in Dubai city, UAE. This clinic specializes in 2 spheres: Cosmetology and Dermatology.
The main product – is a laser epilation. This makes more than 90% of current clinic's clients.

The majority of them came to clinic through recommendation. Clinic is more than 18 years. It is the part of medical chain of doctor Gehad Masri, located at Al Wasl Road, and basically consists of different medical clinics.

Acquaintance with business of client, staff members and advertising activities carried out.

The analysis of current situation and the work of marketing department

Part 1
At the starting of project the company did not have qualified marketing specialist. Marketing department consisted of the girl who was leading the account in Instagram, the designer and «specialist» in Google Ads. Moreover, the professional qualities of specialists were far from perfect. The website of company was in a sorry state. No one, including the owner of company, understood about effectiveness of advertising campaigns. There was no accountancy at all. The staff members did not know what they have to do. This was the reason of constant staff turnover.

Just during 2020 the company changed 4 marketing department heads. The company itself did not have the employee that worked in company for more than 8 months. Within 2 months, during the realization of project the full staff of reception/ sales department was replaced in company and staff turnover was continuing.

For example, during September, the expenses for contextual advertising amounted 50 000 dirhams (approximately $13 500). The percentage of refusals for the majority of website pages was at the level of 95%. No one was counting calls, leads, conversions and moreover the profitability. Also it didn’t even cross the mind of current or former staff members to check the website for adaptivity, for the speed of loading and especially for refusals and conversion before launching advertising campaigns.

P.S. Below you can see the example of landing page to where the traffic from Google and social nets was redirected.


Part 2

In spite of evident problems with marketing and sales in company, the requirement of our client was to prepare everything required for launch of new clinic with the name Yugen.

This clinic would unite in itself 2 existing clinics and add new directions and doctors.

For this task the 3-months marketing plan was prepared, which included the development of new website, implementation of end-to-end analytics system and CRM system.

Also the launch of targeted advertising campaigns in social nets and development of dynamic ad creatives for them.

Development of pages prototypes for new website

There were the following works carried out before the direct development of design options:

1. The portfolios of around 50 leading designers were reviewed. Finally, 3 different persons got selected, they received technical task in the form of prototype of one internal page and requirements of composition.

2. There were more than 200 websites of analogous subjects reviewed in order to make up the technical task for designers.

In the process of prototypes' development, SEO analysis of competitors' websites was also taken into account.
That is why, even before the starting of work with prototypes, the analysis of LSI requests and outgoing links from competitor's websites was made, and basing upon the data received, the prototype acquired the necessary size of text, fragments and outgoing and internal links, end etc.
As a result, we got 3 design options. Rightmost was selected by the client for their website.

Design of new website

Part 3
Since the website was an urgent requirement, we took the decision to initiate the development with the help of Tilda constructor. Actually, the value of this website is in the fact that the structure of sections is compliant with an actual demand/ the specific services of doctors. And each page of the service is represented as conversion landing.

If to speak about design, then it looks modern. The cost of development was not high, the speed of work was high, just because we succeeded to combine the stage of design, coding and integration with CMS, and this is how the things get done in standard case.
Main page
Doctor's page
Service page

Implementation of end-to-end analytics system

Part 4
So that to be able to objectively evaluate the results of advertising campaigns in Google Ads, of traffic campaigns in social nets and SEO, it's necessary to have a good system of call tracking at least and fully functional end-to-end analytics system as maximum.

But in the process of searching for the local companies providing such services, I faced the problem that at the territory of UAE the protocol "С" is closed and in connection to this, the part of services, which are standard in Russia, for example, calls through Skype and Whatsapp, are impossible in UAE.

The further research of possibilities brought me to Russian-speaking entrepreneurs who already found the solution of this problem and got around the system restrictions. And little later I have been made aware about launch of first Russian company, providing the services of call tracking, with which the contract for servicing has been signed.
The first very week after connecting call-tracking system, as expected, showed the complete inefficiency of search advertising campaigns in Google ads. The overwhelming quantity of calls was passing from the direct visit of website. And company was getting only insignificant quantity of contacts through contact form at website. Contextual advertising campaigns were stopped till the time of tiding up the landing pages of website.

As interim solution we developed 2 landings for the most much-in-demand services of clinic: Laser hair removal and services of dermatologist. And contextual advertising campaigns in Google ads were also launched.

CRM implementation

Part 5
On the photo below there is an example of how the patients were booking an appointment. On big piece of Whatman paper there were fields drawn for making records and in these lines the patient's information and the time of appointment were written by pencil. In case of cancellation of visit, the usual eraser removed the record.

There was made the paper folder for each client where the data about visit were enclosed and afterwards these data were partially re-typed into out-dated system Capsule, which was not adjusted to perform the RFM analysis or any other activities because the fields for input of type and price of procedure were missing. There were no elementary functions of sorting by property or downloading of lists. Staff members were just doing one and the same activity without going into the essence of work.

To optimize the work of staff in reception/sales department, the research of more than 20 different medical platforms was initiated. The list of requirements to CRM was compiled, and finally the system Medesk in conjunction with parameters was chosen (Image on the right).
Medesk is probably the only medical CRM, which has the option of integration with end-to-end analytics systems, Google Analytics. It has the open API and possibility of integration with mobile applications. 

Development of ad creatives and targeted advertising in Fb/Inst.

Part 6
Whereas we could not start advertising campaigns in Google Ads for the old site, and new site was still under development, we took the decision to set up advertising campaigns successively for all services of one of clinic's doctors in Facebook and Instagram. For this purpose we developed the ad creatives with the subject of services:

• Botox
• Tattoos removal
• Fillers
• Chemical peel
• Laser hair removal

and range of other services.
Botox (eng)
Laser hair removal (eng)
Fillers (eng)
Tattoo removal (eng)
Advertising campaigns were launched successively for all services of doctor dermatologist. The creatives with services presented in visuals were elaborated especially well and they attracted attention. During 1,5 months we launched 13 different creatives.

For counting the number of contacts incoming to company the simple Excel file was used where the leads and deals were registered. This is interim option of end-to-end analytics, which just somehow showed the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, expenses and price of Lead and deal.
The conversion from leads into orders did not exceed 20%. And the level of conversion was influenced by few factors:

1. How soon the team reverted with the call to client who left the application. (The faster the call is, the higher the conversion will be).
2. Type of procedure. (The cheaper the procedure is, the higher the conversion will be)
3. The personality of the seller. How it can be noticed from screenshot, the girl with the name Hanan were closing much more deals than anyone else in Reception/Sales department.

The cost of one Lead was varying between 10-50 dirhams. But the price of one deal was about 100-250 dirhams taking into account the average price for the service 700-1000 dirhams. For new client this is quite acceptable price to attract.
The leads received as a result of contextual advertising campaign in Google Ads were converted into deals much better. The conversion of those leads was more than 50%.

This is because the clients coming from contextual advertising had a clear demand. They already knew for sure what they needed and the only thing remaining was to offer them the "right" price and agree the time of the visit to clinic.
Фрагмент с изображением первой страницы сайта и будущей клиники Юген.
The result of project: The processes of lead generation from different channels were set up in clinic. While the attraction of new clients became the forecasted process and at reasonable price.

Accounting system was put into order and the basis for normal functioning of marketing and sales department was laid.

Unfortunately, the owner of clinic took the decision to stop the project of building new clinic and investing 50 million dirhams into it (exchange rate to dollar 3,7), due to unfavourable economic situation because of coronavirus.

Types of works fulfilled in the frames of project "Yugen"

What was done
Audit, creation and follow-up of contextual advertising campaigns and targeted campaigns in Facebook, Instagram. Creation and testing of various audiences.
Development of creatives
Development of dynamic creatives in different formats for publishing in timeline and stories.
Technical settings
Registration and set-up of different services: Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, telephony.
Selection and implementation of modern CRM
Selection, analysis and implementation of Medesk CRM system in sales department. Training of staff regarding work in CRM.
Implementation of end-to-end analytics
Implementation of call tracking system Call Gear, set-up of telephony and website. Analysis of current advertising campaigns and channels.
Website development
Development of website pages' prototypes, seo optimization of texts, collecting the semantic core of searches for using it in contextual advertising and making the structure.

Photos of working processes in marketing department of clinic.

On this photo, on the left there is a girl Hanan, who worked in Reception desk and made sales more than others.
Working process of shooting the materials for ad creatives.
Shooting the procedure of skin rejuvenation for the post "Before and After" in Instagram.
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